Insurance and Injuries

Neither Flying Kukris or the Hong Kong Rugby Union hold health or medical insurance for injuries that occur during rugby activities in either games, training or at festivals. It is strongly recommended that players are covered by private medical insurance that covers playing rugby. It should also be noted that all rugby activities are at the player’s own risk and Flying Kukris do not accept any responsibility for any injury or loss obtained through Club activity.

Flying Kukris aim to provide as safe a playing environment as possible and our policy can be found here. This includes providing First Aiders at all training, festivals and games. However, all first aid at training is provided by Volunteers within the Club. If you have a first aid qualification or are interested in taking a first aid course to help the Club please contact the First Aid coordinator, you team manager or any committee member or send us a message through the form on this website.

Any injury to a player that occurs at training, at a festival or at a game should be reported to the Union through Gameday. Team Managers should do this or they should contact the Head of Minis, head of Youth or the First Aid coordinator for assistance in the reporting. Injuries that require reporting include any injury requiring a hospital visit, concussion injuries or any injury that is serious enough that it prevents the player from resuming the match, training or the festival.

We firmly believe that, whilst accidents and injuries do happen, the benefits of playing rugby outweigh the risks of injury.