Flying Kukris are always looking for companies and organisations who wish to support the club in return for publicity or other mutual benefits.

With over 250 playing members and exposure to up to 5,000 players and parents at festivals, kit sponsorship has the potential to reach a wide cross section of Hong Kong residents. We also offer exposure on our website, social media and at our festivals.

The majority of the Club incomes income comes from membership fees and subventions from the Hong Kong Rugby Union but any additional funds we can secure from external parties will help us to provide better training and assistance to our players.

We welcome offers of contributions of any amount to assist the Club and would be happy to discuss further any proposals for

We welcome sponsorship which includes:

  • A contribution in exchange for kit sponsorship
  • A contribution to cover specific club activities such as provision of First Aid
  • An in kind contribution that would cover a service we need that we would otherwise have to pay for such as website design, provision of buses,
Previous sponsorship has included:

  • Full kit sponsorship
  • Sleeve sponsorship
  • Shorts sponsorship
  • Sponsorship of coaches’ kit
  • Sponsorship of rugby balls
  • Sponsorship of the veterans team