Volunteering Opportunities

Flying Kukris is a non-profit making organisation run entirely by volunteers who support the Committee in delivering top-level rugby training. Supported by the Hong Kong Rugby Union, we do engage professional coaches at Youth Level to ensure the highest quality of training but at minis, everything is run by volunteers. This enables us to keep membership fees as low as possible. Volunteers within Flying Kukris help with team organisation, coaching, first aid and festival organisation, and the hard-working committee.

Join the Team and give something back – No previous rugby experience is required

Typical Volunteering opportunities are as follows: 

First Aider

 First Aiders are a key part of Flying Kukris and are needed to attend to minor injuries requiring a plaster to potentially more serious injuries that may occur during training or games. If you have a First Aid qualification, please make yourself known to the First Aid Coordinator, your Team Manager or any of the Committee. You can contact us here if it is easier.

First Aid

Team Managers

Team Managers are a vital role within Flying Kukris. Their role is to ensure that all parents and players know the times of training, games and festivals. This role is usually taken by one of the parents in each team and if each parent takes on the role for one season, this shares the workload around. Please step up for our child’s team and provide the vital cog in the running of the club.


If you are a parent and have played rugby at any level or have another qualification that involves working with children or if you are enthusiastic to learn coaching rugby we would welcome you as a parent coach or assistant coach. You will need to commit to planning training sessions and leading teams at festivals. We need at least one Level 1 qualified coach per team and we can assist with placing you on a training course with the Rugby Union or within Flying Kukris.

Kit Distribution

All our players need kit and distribution to players (and coaches) at the start of the season is a challenging task. Assisting the kit manager on a Sunday morning at the start of the season is always welcome.

Festival Volunteers

The Flying Kukris Minis Festival takes place around the beginning of December each year and we are always looking for volunteers to assist with the organisation and running of the festival. From manipulating huge spreadsheets to plan all of the games through the day to setting up the pitches the night before, many hours of work go into the running of festivals. On the day, pitch marshalls are crucial to ensure all of the games run to plan.

Festival Volunteer


Details of the current committee positions can be found here. The committee is elected at the AGM at the end of each season and are elected for a year at a time. Generally, there is always a shortage of volunteers to fill all posts.