Club History

In 1976, a brigade of Gurkhas (48 Gurkha Brigade) based in Sek Kong in the New Territories, regularly raised a rugby team that was called “Kukris” to play in the Hong Kong League. The Royal Air Force that had been stationed at Kai Tak airport since the 1920s was moved to the airfield at Sek Kong and considerable building was carried out to accommodate the various units including 28 (AC) Squadron that operated Wessex aircraft in support of the army garrison. The RAF also fielded a side. The 660 Squadron Army Air Corps were also moved to Sek Kong. Since Kukris and RAF suffered from a shortage of rugby players and therefore had difficulty in competing with the bigger clubs (Club, Police, and the Stanley Battalion etc) it was decided that a combined New Territories military club should be formed.

The commander, Colonel Bob Richardson‐Aitken had played club rugby in Wales and for the Colony and the Brigade Commander of 48 Brigade, Brigadier Morgan Llewellyn (another Welshman) instructed him to get on with the job of forming the club and arranging the fixtures.

There was much debate about naming the new organisation, but in the end it was agreed that the name would, indeed, be Flying Kukris. The colours in which we played were chosen because there was little money and the only property we owned was the strip of the original teams.

Thus, Ahluwallia the tailor was tasked with stitching together shirts consisting of dark green from Kukris, red from Army and pale blue for RAF. In the early days the sides were about 65% army and 35% airforce and played on the football ground at Sek Kong which became our exclusive preserve and our home.

Club History

In 1983, the Flying Kukris Mini Rugby Club was formed to serve the growing interest in mini rugby supported by the senior team. The mini club included a wide cross-section of the community and quickly became a popular meeting place for kids and adults on a Sunday morning.

In 1997, the British Forces left and the mini rugby club was forced to find a new home. Several uncertain years followed and it was not until 2000 that a base was found at the Community Sports Centre near Sheung Shui. The facility allowed the club to provide expand and develop as the membership numbers grew.

By 2009, the demand for space as the Community Sports site limited the club’s ability to plan ahead, thus with the help of the HKRFU the club moved to the HKIEd Sports Centre facility for the Sunday morning training.

The Kukris is a bilingual rugby club in Hong Kong, with the current breakdown around 70% Chinese and 30% expatriate. The tradition of bilingual coaching remains a cornerstone of the club’s ethos. Club players range from 4 to 18, so covering the full spectrum of mini and Colts games.

Currently, the Club is proudly supported by four main sponsors – all drawn from within the Club, allowing the club to grow even further. You can read more about being a sponsor here. You can learn more about our current sponsors by clicking the company logos located at the base of the page.

Past Chairmen

Year Chairman
1986 – 1988 Chris Chadwick
1988 – 1990 David Westwood
1990 – 1993 Philip Boothroyd
1993 – 1995 John Lightly
1995 – 1996 John McDevitt
1996 – 1998 Roman Yaworsky
1998 – 1999 Steve Wong
1999 – 2001 Chris Atkins
2001 – 2003 Andrew Beattie
2003 – 2005 Andrew Robertson
2005 – 2007 Janne Telin
2007 – 2010 Paul Renouf
2010 – 2016 Ian Stewart
2016 – 2021 Mark Leonard
2021 – 2022 Steve Power
2022 – Present Raymond Chan