Child Safety, Welfare and Safeguarding

It is the responsibility of all those involved with rugby in Hong Kong to provide a safe environment for children and young people to enjoy the game. The Hong Kong Rugby Union (“HKRU”) and the Flying Kukris strongly believe that the welfare of all children and young people is paramount; that all children and young people have an equal right to protection from harm; and that all forms of discrimination, prejudice, oppressive behaviour and language are unacceptable. These beliefs form the core principles of this Safeguarding Policy (“Policy”). This Policy is produced, approved and managed by the HKRU.

Anyone who wants to play a part in the running of the FKRFC must fill in a declaration form prior to commencing their role which is in keeping with and mirrors the HKRU safeguarding policy.

The declaration form once complete must be sent to the FKRFC safeguarding officer who will check it and acknowledge the e-mail being sent. This acknowledgement e-mail acts as confirmation all is in order and the senders name has been added to the list of persons who carry out a role for the FKRFC.

The declaration form only has to be submitted once unless there have been changes in circumstances since the submission of the original form

Below is the detailed policy, up-to-date as of September 9th 2016 (available for download):

The current Safeguarding Officer for the Flying Kukris can be found here.