Benefits of Joining Flying Kukris

Flying Kukris is an entirely volunteer-led club. We have no full-time employees. We also receive some funding from the Hong Kong Rugby Union which helps to keep fees down. Therefore, membership fees are very low and extremely good value, especially when compared to other clubs. Fees are set every year by a vote at the Annual General Meeting.

Annual membership of Flying Kukris includes the following benefits:

1. Weekly training sessions at EduHK (or other venues) between September and March.

2. For youth players, competitive competitions against other Hong Kong rugby clubs

3. For minis players, entry to 6 Rugby festivals organised by the Rugby Union

4. Full club kit (playing shirt, shorts, socks)

5. Subsidised transport to training and games/festivals

6. Priority ticketing at face value for the Hong Kong Sevens. Flying Kukris are assigned a number of Sevens tickets by the HKRU every season for distribution to members

7. Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting

8. Social events organised by the club and the individual teams (additional charge may apply)

9. Courses and initiatives organised by Hong Kong Rugby Union include additional development training, National Age Grade training and games and elite training programs. Flying Kukris members ultimately have the chance to be selected for National Hong Kong Teams and participate in the Rugby World Cup or Olympics

Trial training sessions

If your child would like to try rugby before committing to the membership fee, this can usually be arranged. Please contact us using the form and we will advise of arrangements. However, due to Union rules, players must be members of Flying Kukris to participate in games or festivals.

Equipment (Not included)

You will need very little equipment to play rugby and Flying Kukris will provide most equipment at training and games. However, we won’t provide the following items:

Footwear: Trainers/Sneakers are fine to begin with but Rugby Boots with moulded studs or ‘astro’ type soles are preferred by most players. Note that metal studs are not recommended for Hong Kong conditions.

Mouth Guards: All players must have their own mouth guard to play rugby. This is essential equipment to protect against accidental dental damage. These can be purchased from Flying Kukris during training or from other sports outlets in Hong Kong. Mouth guards are compulsory at training and at games/festivals and your child may not be able to participate without one.

Water Bottles: We also require players to bring their own water bottles to training and games. Drinking water is available at most training venues.

Specialist Equipment: Players may need to provide specialist equipment such as approved goggles for eye correction (note that players cannot play in normal glasses although we may make exception for non-contact training). Some players also prefer head protection gear (skull caps) or skin protection (leggings or arm protection) which are available at local sports outlets.

Sun protection: We recommend players use hats and sunblock when the weather is sunny.

Insurance: Please also read our important information about insurance here.

Kit Collection

Full kit is available to all paid up members of Flying Kukris. Kit is usually distributed from the kit shed at EduHK during training sessions. Your team manager will be able to confirm when the kit shed will be open for kit collection.

Please note that kit can be replaced when it becomes outgrown by your child or otherwise damaged. As kit costs are one of the major costs to the club, please only request replacement kit when necessary.

Players must wear full Kukris kit at festivals and games.